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Tiwa Savage x Key To The City Remix feat Busy Signal

Two HDD favourites, Tiwa Savage and Busy Signal just dropped a video for their 9Ja to JA link up. You may have heard us playing Tiwa’s original in some of our sets earlier this year and we are fully behind any remix that showcase’s Busy Signal’s love of Afropop!

Demarco x Remix

Demarco wasn’t on the og riddim. He hopped on and continued his current streak and duppied this as well. Put Demarco on everything, like siracha he makes everything better.

Poirier x Jump

With the one and only Red Fox on the track. Poirier crafted a classic 90’s dancehall riddim to showcase the legend. Look out for Poirier’s Lp Migration out soon as well.

Kapri x Anything

Brand new music from relative necomer Kapri, produced by Jah Cone. It has flashes of Cham, 90’s NY Hip Hop as well. Stay for the song at the end of the video which goes as well.

Devin Di Dakta x Rrri Bam Bi Deng Deng

So we tend to watch a lot of Jamaican rave videos, its our way to relax. Over the past few months towards the brukking it down section they always played this track. Sadly it’s pitched up by +10 and its almost like Alvin and the Chipmunks on dancehall. By the time we figured out what it is the video dropped.

Marcy Chin x The Bounce

Marcy Chin’s The Bounce has been a staple in our sets for a while. The riddim itself is great and is something that you can imagine Tink riding, it’s a little bit hip hop/dem bow and dancehall. The 45 King esque chorus works well with Marcy’s no nonesense verses. Watching her perform this at XOYO last year was amazing. Granted it was just Squad who were really into it. Still it was great to see. This video continues in the same vein.