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Jeremih x Planes (Feat. J Cole)

Jeremih back doing what he does best. I like the Warriors-esque intro.

J Cole x Nobody’s Perfect (featuring Missy Elliot)

As fans of J Cole and massive Missy Elliot fans we had to post this video! The production reminds us of an old Timbaland beat and both J Cole and Missy kill it on this smooth soulful tune. Missy displays her talent as a singjay on the hook and on that excellent bridge which references both Aaliyah and Lonely Island (We love bridges and hooks so much we even did a podcast on them). We are definitely glad to see Missy back on the scene!

We Like Beyonce

The video for Beyonce’s Party remix just dropped and we love it at HDD Headquarters. The over-riding feel of the video is that it’s believable, it reminds us of this video of B at a block party.

Here are some other reasons why we love it:

Beyonce cooking up a storm in a teeny tiny trailer in teeny tiny shorts
Solange’s Bogle
Beyonce teaching the party how to Dougie
The Yellowman look-a-like
That Keith Haring dress
It’s nice to see a football shirt in an American hip hop video (shame it’s a Chelsea one)
Beyonce and Kelly taking time out from being the biggest females in the games to have some fun

The only thing that could make this video better is if Andre 3000 was on the verse. Props to J Cole for his Slick Rick references though.