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Ding Dong x Syvah

This popped up last month without really impressing us much, but after a little bit of an xmas break and realising that Hot 97 is going to ride for it we thought why not post it. It’s still not wowing us but i can see it working it’s way into different sets across the world, it does come with a rather simple dance.FYI it’s produced by Dancehall underdog Ricky Blaze.

Mr Vegas x Bare Tingz

I think The Large said it best “the back story isn’t interesting but the music is”, the whole Mr Vegas being cheated on thing had an air of fortuitous timing especially this Hot 97 interview (i wonder if his record label was happy he managed to get the plug in before he broke down crying). This video extends the whole Housewives of Atlanta (i guess it should be Kingston) vibe of the story but the song is great. It’s classic Mr Vegas Singjaying, a bit of gospel and shade of anger in the lyrics and some rather self deprecating lines (the Bruk it Down lines are the best). Directed by Terminal 4 Media who also directed this Vegas classic and whose visual style is something i rather enjoy.

Hot 97 x Angie Martinez x Busta x Diplo

We have always had a soft spot for Angie Martinez ( Dem Thangs in particular), so when we saw this video of her and her staff (and Mr Cee!) rapping along to the new Chris Brown track it had to be put on the blog. My favourite part is the Busta double time verse but who doesn’t love Wayne free form association verse as well.
If the beat feels some what familiar it’s because it’s an Afrojack and Diplo production.