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Gnucci Banana x Goodah (Live)

When Gnucci sent this track to us a week or so ago we raved about it on twitter. It dropped on soundcloud this week and we waited to post it (it’s been a hectic week), thankfully we did because this live performance is aces. So here is Gnucci performing on Dutch radio for a group of fans. Goodah sees Gnucci on a Lady Saw slackness rip which always gets a thumbs up from us.

The DNA of Moombahton

With the lanuch of two moombahton nights and the Dave Nada Blow Your Head compilation i thought it would be a good time to look at the foundation of the genre. The Dem Bow riddim is similar to the Sing – Sing break in Baltimore, it is th foundation from which other moombah tunes come from. Dembow riddim originated from dancehall, You can hear greats such as Beenie Man, Shabba and others dj’s over the riddim. Then a Puerto Rican Mc called Nando Boom added his own flavour to it and the rest is history. Other central/south american countries added their own bits and pieces and the riddim mutated into reggaeton.

Reggaeton may have flamed out incredibly quickly to the western world but it continued to remain strong in it’s native countries. And since the creation of Moombah these elements have been revisited with Munchi and Heartbreak taking influence from their own ancestry. We have been playing bits of moombahton for almost a year now, tending to favour the more soulful and dancehall elements as opposed to the dubstep and electro elements, either way we are glad to see it’s boom.

(props to santero (low bee forum legend) for pointing out that it’s moombahton. I get lazy and call it moombah.)