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Ricky Blaze x The Maestro

The Maestro cover
It’s been a while since we have heard from Ricky, he released an EP on FOOLS GOLD! Since then we have been waiting for something new and it finally arrived in the form of this new mixtape and it’s an interesting ride.
I have found issues with Ricky before and his use of autotune, i tended to find him extremely harsh at times, on this tape that isn’t a problem. Ricky sings each song in a similar pattern which can get a bit grating after a while but he is an artist that is improving. This mixtape sees him use nuance in a way that reflects a change in hip hop and r and b and also his best work (Production on Hold Yuh).
If you can overlook Jim Jones’ very odd use of Basqiuat and some very obvious musical cues (we need a dubstep song, we need 1 for the ladies) this is a good mixtape from an artist that is experimenting in a very organic way. Unlike his peers who seem to be comfortable living in whatever trend is now, Ricky expands on what he feels is right.

The Maestro by rickyblazefme

Wisdom of Thomas X Hold Yuh

We are first and foremost a music blog but occasional we like to branch out. Wisdom of Thomas is notably for two reasons, the first is that it stars Osuofia (the don of Nollywood, his film Osuofia in London is in the top 5 films about London) and the second is the Hold Yuh jack that provides the soundtrack throughout most of the film. Enjoy this comedy which focuses on a wife’s infidelity and her husband attempt to catch her (by pretending that he is blind).