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Hipsters Dont Dance June Session : Residents Special

Hipsters Dont Dance June Session

We find our June session taking part during the massive Jubilee weekender. Of course there will be many events going on to celebrate it but there will only be one Royal Carnival. Join us on June 2nd at Meter and kick off the summer season with our HDD royal family as they bring you a regal session of hip hop, tropical and dancehall. Our residents even have royal aliases for the night!

Queen Kazabon & HRH Hootie Who
Duke Murlo
Lady Large
Duchess Delila
Prince Illanja

Forget boring street parties and instead come down to the Meter and celebrate with us. You never know the Queen might put down the crown and Dutty Wine with us as well.

More info and directions on the Facebook event page

Good God It’s Bonjay

We are super excited to have Alanna and Pho aka Canadian duo Bonjay, joining us at Hipsters Dont Dance June Session.
When asked in a recent interview, what part dancehall plays in the Bonjay sound, Alanna’s reply was as follows:
It’s the dancehall attitude and openness to anything. The kick-drum and the bass.
HDD regulars know that musically we share a similar belief and like to shake it up with a variety of genres so you can see why we thought a Bonjay dj set at HDD would be something truly special.

Named after a phrase in Grenadian patois meaning ‘Good God’ Bonjay aim for their music to come as a pleasant surprise to the ear. If you havent experienced the Bonjay sound prepare for a mix of synth stabs, big bass, dancehall drums, airhorns and silky vocals.

You can listen to some of their tacks below including Creepin and Stumble which will be released as a double A side on June 6th. As part of the release, One Bird Records are including a limited edition notebook with orders of the single.

Bonjay songs by Bonjay