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Ezale x Day Ones

I love Ezale, bay area raps make my day. Day Ones somehow fits that snug zone with a blissed out instrumental and Ezale’s tales about his Day Ones homies.

Bia x Whip It

Flames. Utter flames.

E-40 x Slappin’ (feat D.R.A.M & Nef The Pharoah

Jheeze so much about this is so right. From Rik Rok’s stupid dumb beat, E-40’s just being an ace and D.R.A.M and Nef killing their parts. HW loves this song, it fits snug in the back of his brain oh so perfectly.

HDD X Radar Radio with Deep Brandy Album Cuts

Our Radar Radio show from last week is now available to stream and download. This show we got the fantastic Deep Brandy Album Cuts from Glasgow to join us for a guest mix. You can also expect typical World Carnival business from us as well.

Download here

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Stella Mwangi x Identify

Stella is back, riding a simple and focused reggae beat. The “Who are you” refrain is very much an african thing. Similar to J Hus on pretty much everything. In fact that refrain works on so many levels, paranoia or maintaining social status.

Azure x Fools (Feat Rayana Jay)

One of the great things about collectives is that you can have a myriad of songs in one crew. Something that has been lost in that concept in recent years is diversity. HBK Gang has it in spade, not only in race and sex but more importantly in sounds as well. So whether you came to the group because of IAMSU or Kehlani you end up staying because of P-Lo or Azure. This classic hip hop song is just a percy resting on the brain in the same way a nice wooly hat does in the winter.Looking forward to hearing more from the this producer/rapper.