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Spooky x Coolie Joyride Remixes

It’s always great to see a producer take a classic and make it his own (especially when done right). Spooky did that with the OG, now we get to see 4 new producers take on his remix and make something different. Samename (those carnival whistles), Murlo, Sir Pixalot and Trends all provide remixes for the 6th release on Oil Gang records. Expect this one to come out in August, on vinyl only. Above is our favourite cut on the original riddim

Skepta X Lay Her Down (Feat. Kano)

Now this is something that we didn’t expect, taken from Skepta’s last mixtape Black listed (although has been retooled for his upcoming LP Konnichiwa). This is a mix of Sexual Seduction, Disclosure and Duke Dumont, it’s wicked. Kano’s verse is great, Skepta seems like his is having fun, it’s just good to see. We have been on a Skepta kick recently, partly due to his Nigerian roots, partly because the UK is sometimes missing a voice and his is fitting perfectly right now.
Speaking of Grime guys looking happy here is Dizzee talking about how he is comfortable in his own skin finally.

Pum Pum Riddim/ Showa Eski x Riddim Mix

We don’t know what’s exactly in the water right now but various influences came together at the same time for this riddim mix to happen. First of all you have Spooky‘s Coolie Joyride EP out on Oilgang records, look out for the refixes especially the Samename one. Then you have Spooky’s mix for Mixpak where he showcases his favourite examples of Grime and Dancehall meeting up. You also have last year’s 10 year anniversary of Grime, Oil Gang’s reggae mix he sent us, Slackk and Murlo’s work ethic and Natalie Storm Boys for Breakfast being used by Adidas for their latest campaign(see above). Then there was the tease that we are finally going to hear the sequel to Showa Eski called Showa Step. All of it combined to make us want to do a riddim mix combining the two riddims and cuts from Donaeo, Kano, Ward 21, Natalie Storm, Einstein and the man himself Wiley. Shout out to Commander B for making Pum Pum riddim and Prodigal Entertainment for the riddims themselves.

Walter Ego x Darkstorm x Who I Am (Feat. K. Dot and Coco

The fam at Bad Taste are about to release a monster. Sweet lord this is good. K Dot and Coco the UK’s best tandem (take that UK cyclists) destroy a monster of an instrumental by the Sheffield boys. Part grime, with bassline and lush tropical touches. Look out for it soon.

DJ Spooky x Playground Riddim 2012

DJ Spooky is no stranger to remixing dancehall riddims in his own unique way. From Joyride to Coolie Dance he has added his unique touch to them all. This month he has released a new remix to the immortal Playground riddim. It sounds like a Spooky remix but with additional trap snares in order to make it 2012 (no comment). This song has divided HDD HQ like the Montagues and the Capulets, let us know what you think.

Murlo x Jubilee Fireworks Guest Mix

The man that is Murlo did a guest mix for Jubilee’s Fireworks radio show. His mix features some of the best music around including House, Grime, SA House, Dancehall, Soca and a bunch of other stuff guaranteed to get you moving. You can find the tracklist after the jump.
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