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We are joining forces with Tim & Barry and Crackstevens to bring you Wahala this Saturday at Birthdays. It’s always a party when we get together with thes guys so don’t miss out! Expect all manner of dancefloor sounds from grime to dancehall to jersesy. More info here.

Kyze x Punani feat Giggs

The video has been out for a while but this tune has really grown on us over the last few months and has become a staple in our sets. Giggs delivers another spectacular guest verse and Kyze is one to look out for.

Murlo x Fact Magazine Mix


As you can tell we are massive fans of Murlo round here. Ever since his Palm Out Sounds mix back in December 2010 we become fans of him. We invited him up to play in London ages ago (he still is mad at us for that one), he then became a resident at the night, it wouldn’t be the same without him. He has gone on from strength to strength, release to release, remix to remix, set to set, impressing most of the world with his unique style. We will always remember this one time where a bunch of UK producers got together in a studio to work on a track together (god knows what happened to those tracks). The highlight wasn’t music being made but people playing each other the new music they were working on, whenever Murlo played his and everyone just listened. They were enjoying it but no one could figure out what they were hearing. He truly is someone incredibly special and we are incredibly proud of him and this Fact Magazine Mix.

Murlo & Famous Eno Live on NTS


HDD Fam Murlo and Famous Eno recently joined forces and released their Aerial collabortation on Mixpak which has been getting love from Brackles, Scratcha DVA and Visionist and has Spooky on the offical remix. While the pair are on a grime tip they are taking over ┬áthe 12am – 1am spot on NTS tonight with Serocee and Trigganom on mic duties. We were lucky enough to get a sneaky listen to some riddims that Famous Eno, Serocee and Trigganom have been working on and they are pure fiyah! So be sure to tune in online to NTS for their takeover.

PS. Check out the amazing video which Murlo created for Aerial V.I.P. below

Sneakbo x Trust No Body

It’s been a while since we have posted a Sneakbo tune. He’s been navigating the pop charts with songs that haven’t really interested us. This new one by him caught out attention since it’s produced by dancehall producer Rvssian. The man the brought us Straight Jeans and Fitted has teamed up with Sneakbo who made his name adding verses to bashment classics. I guess this is an example of cutting out the middle man. This song adds to the current paranoia trend that we are seeing in hip hop and to a certain extent popular culture.

Atumpan x The Thing (Serocee & Famous Eno Remix)

This song has been a long process and we are glad to see it finally come out. Serocee is one of our favourites full stop. A great MC not only in the studio but live (rare in this day an age), a great DJ (who could easily just rely on his dancehall heritage but instead has a thirst for tunes unparalleled by many) and an all round good guy (Check out his Mek Money Monday mixes for a great combo of all three).Famous Eno is that guy. He is the Robbie Keane of the game: vastly under rated, versatile and is incredible. The two of them combine to take Atumpan’s afro pop hit and turned it into bashment influenced banger.