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Gnucci x A.Rab

New music and a banging video from Gnucci in the form of her new single A.Rab, it’s even got Rizzla and Jubilee on the remix…..what more could you ask for?!

Gnucci x Work

Brand new video from the one and only Gnucci. Fresh off her French tour, the swedish don dropped this alluring video. The track goes just as hard, hitting those acid/Juke/booty house sensibilities we like. The lyrics kind of remind me of the Trainspotter creed as well.

Gnucci x Finders Keepers

Brand new Gnucci! Always happy to see her back with some new music. Riding this beat better than many of her counterparts, the song in combination with the visual really sets her apart. Make sure you look out for more from her soon.

Gnucci x Goodah (Remix ft Jasmine Solano, Zuzuka Poderosa, Lady Chann & Nadia Nair)

A while back we posted a video of Gnucci performing the og of Goodah but this week she released the remix which features some of the baddest mcs from around the globe; New York’s ‘Mistress of Ceremonies’ and one half of Electric Punnany Jasmine Solano, Brazil-via-Brooklyn’s Zuzuka Poderosa and London’s Lady Chann, accompanied by Swedish vocalist Nadia Nair on the chorus. Download the track for free here.

Mash Up International x Lava Cabeza (Feat. Gnucci & Timbuktu)

The combination of Gnucci and Mash Up never misses and this is the case again. Throw in Timbuktu , whom we haven’t heard of but will be checking out now, this is some tropical fun. Remixes on the EP come from HDD Fam So Shifty, Tony Senghore and The Very Best and Moroka.
Ps Hootie Who is conflicted by which way to say dance, sometimes it’s his UK upbringing other times it’s his years in California and his wanting to getting buck on the dance floor.

Looptroop Rockers – Do

Swedish rappers Looptroop enlist HDD fave Gnucci Banana on this track.
Here’s a couple of things to look out for;
1) Various grafitti around london
2) Gnucci’s brilliant end verse/ zombie impression
3) Kenzo from the Cuban brothers
4) Various Modern Toss pieces