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Wildlife Scores

It’s not just Gnucci, Spoek and SCB (Schlachthofbronx) that were on US Tv this year, Wildlife had his track that he produced with Tricky for Terry Lynn on Nikita. CWD swears that this show is good, i haven’t given it a chance but if since it has a great soundtrack it’s worth a shot then.
You can check out the clip above.
(Hat tip: Seen)

Gnucci’s Big Week

It’s been a big week for Gnucci Banana, not only does this week mark the release of her and mash up international cover/bettering of Miike Snow’s Animal, but also the SCB (my new nickname for Mad Decent’s Schlachthofbronx), Spoek’s and Gnucci’s track Ayoba was featured in Showtime’s Nurse Jackie.
So big up her and the crew on this wicked achievement!
You can also check out her new tune with Al Azif and Crossfire above.

Looptroop Rockers – Do

Swedish rappers Looptroop enlist HDD fave Gnucci Banana on this track.
Here’s a couple of things to look out for;
1) Various grafitti around london
2) Gnucci’s brilliant end verse/ zombie impression
3) Kenzo from the Cuban brothers
4) Various Modern Toss pieces

Ideal Festival Stage

As the major summer festivals start announcing their line-ups we started thinking what would be your ideal festival stage. There has to be certain criteria involved:
1) There can only be 5 Acts or DJ’s.
2) You can have 3 MC’s manning the stage.
3) It has to be realistic (so choosing Daft Punk and Prince to play isn’t ideal)

So here is mine (Inie) selection.

Tomb Crew
French Fries
So Shifty

Spoek Mathambo
Gnucci Banana