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Mr Vegas x Bruk It Down

When we first heard this back in August (Props to Walshy Fire) we were instantly hooked. The song has all the makings of a mega hit, those great breakdowns (that we know as a fact get the bums dancing, you check that out on youtube) and Mr Vegas unique charm. In fact Mr Vegas has had a top 5 year in dancehall with this and certain law should be making many people’s top ten lists.

Cham x Wine

We held off posting this video because although the song is straight fire the video is fairly NSFW. Unless your work is comfortable with you watching two girls wine in their bedroom. This is much more twerk team style bedroom video than anything else. To be fair it does fit Cham’s funny sexual wordplay, the highlight being the way he switches from light to aggressive aggressive halfway through his verse. Almost as if he works up the courage to go extra rude every 15 seconds. Anyway we are fans of this and any other Leftside repetitive chorus dancehall track.

Schlachthofbronx x Carimbo

German homies Schlachthofbronx (SCB) have just released their new video for Carimbo. It’s made in conjunction with Vice and K Swiss Gonzoworld project. We really like the cardboard box segment, the grabbing the wall booty shaking bit (a move which our friend La’donna has perfected for all occasions), and of the course the cumbia based madness that is the actual song.
You can catch SCB back in london at Fabric on the 6th of January.