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HDD X Radar Radio 7th September

2 hours of Carnival Tabanca tunes from Kazabon and Hootie Who. These were the sounds you heard on the roads, on the trucks or coming from the cars as well as some new bits in there as well.

You can download the show right here.
Tracklist Below

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Frenchy Le Boss x Flexin’ (Feat Giggs)

Sounding awfully like a invasion beat this song is great. Giggs obliterates it and we were pleasantly surprised by Frenchy. Will definitely be keeping an eye on his work. ” Dressed like Batman NANANANANANAN”

Kyze x Punani feat Giggs

The video has been out for a while but this tune has really grown on us over the last few months and has become a staple in our sets. Giggs delivers another spectacular guest verse and Kyze is one to look out for.