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Stonebwoy x Kunani

Afrobeats/dancehall version of Ace Hood’s Bugatti. That about covers it.

Aidonia x Meet Again

A couple of weeks ago we mentioned that Aidnoia reminded us of Future in his last video. On this song he straight up sounds like him. The broken nature of Futures voice is replaced by the raspyness of Aidoniaon this love song. At first it’s like Future on love song, the instrumental might as well be a poor youtube cover. Then by the 2nd verse Aidonia speeds up like rem, you would during sex. Will be interesting to see if the clean version will make it onto radio or will he let this live soley in dirty format in the rave and online.

Aidonia x Boom Flick

Hootie Who’s fave cut on Toasted Riddim gets his own video with Aidonia playing the piano. This is good because it reminds me of Future’s Honest which has him playing the piano whilst a telenovela takes place around him. In HW mind he is crafting a video with the two artists combining songs and videos to form something truly special. Also note the Little Lenny interpolation.

Pusha T x Pain

Kanye did a number on Future’s voice on this song. It still bumps even though it’s been out for a while. For a while this seemed to be the direction the Lp was headed but instead they drafted in a fuller soundscape. Shame i would have loved more of this.

R Kelly x Tear It Up (Feat. Future)

A lot better than there last collab, this is where both of them highlight their own unique styles. Future will that double time flow and R Kelly being well one of the greatest of all time.

Jeremih x Karate Chop

Jeremih’s ability to make hit songs his own is something to be cherished. One of the highlights of his acclaimed mixtape from last year actually wasn’t on the actual tape it was him going over Val Venis. Here he goes over Future’s much maligned Karate Chop. I wish he would actually collab with Future as that would be something we would love to hear.