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Rome Fortune x Grind

Posting this because of FKI excellent production. As we wait for some new Jeremih to stick, why not check out what this excellent production duo is up to. In this case they laced Rome with something proper. Put it on and just zone out to this.

FKi x Amdam (Dip)

Versatile producers FKi step in front of the mic with the first of their vlog series. You might recognise the bones of the instrumental as F U All The Time of last year’s excellent Jeremih tape. It’s great to hear it respun into a drug rap hit with the classic you dip, i dip, we dip chorus. At the end of the video it shows a clue of where this will end up which is Transformers in the Hood 2, the sequel to their first mixtape which was released in conjunction with Mad Decent. That tape wasn’t for me at all as the guys explored their US dubstep leaning side, hopefully there will be more like this on the next tape.