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Ester Dean x F*ck It

So RI-RI has a new muse songwriter who has been getting a lot of press. That’s cool but Ester Dean, the former Riri guru released a new ep recently that is actually really good. The majority of her stuff is good, this one is something that you can’t help but think that if Riri and the machine went to bat for it, it would be a smash. Instead it’s something to be added to Ester great collection of songs. All Hail Ester the queen of the mini chorus.

Ester Dean x How You Love It (Feat. Missy Elliott)

This really should be called Cake Part 2, but the alter ego of Rihanna (aka the woman behind most of her hits) finally gets the hit that she deserves. It really must have been frustrating to write all those hits and be unable to create that magic by herself. This should be big, it even features a return to form Missy verse. Benny Blanco and Stargate on the production as if you couldn’t tell.