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HDD Top 5 x Tomb Crew

We have had the pleasure of knowing Tomb Crew (in it’s various incarnations) over the past few years. Thanks to their amazing Yo Mama night (which they run with Food Soundsystem) has been the backbone to our london clubbing experience. And even though we have Effect Mode at HDD this Saturday at the Camp, we wanted to shine a light on some of our favourite Tomb Crew releases. Their production credits are deep and incredibly varied so be prepared for a variety of some of their best stuff.

Tomb Crew- Watch This

We have waxed on about this jam many times on the site, it even made our top 20 of last year. The interplay between the Mc’s, that rumbling bass, that light keys… blah blah it’s pretty god damn good.

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Checan – Future Sound of Sheffield

Checan quietly dropped this mini-mix on the world today on twitter. It’s a fun 12 minute mix that combines garage, bassline, dubstep and a wicked Slick Don Inna Dis blend reminiscent of Mele’s Pow Blend. In which you get a familiar vocal which the crowd loves and constant changing of beats to forgotten classics which makes the muso-heads go crazy as well. You can listen to the mix below. I really like Checan, he seems to be one of the few guys out there just enjoying what he’s playing, whether that’s from his age or the fact that he ain’t from London is immaterial he’s just a badman.
Future Sound of Sheffield – Checan by HuWho

And you can grab that Slick Don blend over here.

Walter Ego – Calm Down feat Coco & K Dot

Even though i love living in London, sometimes it’s somewhat elitist music policies means that you never really hear anything further afield in the country. Oh we love anything that comes from further afield but outside zone 7 it’s an issue. Thankfully homie Murlo passed on this slice of bassline/grime from Sheffield’s grime Mc’s Coco and K Dot. It’s out on Bad Taste records soon.

Silkie Vs No Lay

It’s A Lie (Silkie vs No Lay) by NoLaysMusic
As the debate over female grime Mc’s bubbles over twitter and in the Grime Forum, No Lay returns with a stormer of a track with Silkie. Glad to have her back in the game.
The track will be on her new Ep out soon.
(Hat Tip Tropical waste)