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#HDD Hangover 5 : Why Delila

We’ve all been there flagging after a long night out, the pounding headache, the fear of natural light and the craving on any food to soak up last night’s hangover. We at HDD have a phrase for those suffering after a night out at Hipsters Dont Dance (1st saturday of every month) it’s called a #hddhangover. So as a thank you to our amazing crowd we have decided to create a mix series to ease you back into the real world.
The fifth mix in the series is by HDD resident Why Delila, it’s better than Alkaseltzer!

Here are a few words from her:

Like most people when I’m hungover, I need to be comforted. For me, dub and reggae are the most reassuring types of music. The first few tracks on this mix take me back to the parties my Mum used to have when I was a child, so it’s the ultimate in homely music for me. I also tried to avoid mixing as much as I could – mixing feels a bit too energetic for a hungover state! I really enjoyed putting together this mix, mainly because it gave me an excuse to repeatedly play Dadawah and King Tubby as ‘research’. Hope you’re as soothed by this as much as I am!

Download the mix here