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CWD Trill 5

CWD – Trill 5 (10/11/11) from CWD on Vimeo.

October guest CWD is back with his Trill mix series. You should know the drill by now but if not the Trill series is the best in southern hip hop and what else take his fancy. So sit back and enjoy his latest one including our new favourite 2 Chainz (TUUU Chainz) and others such a Bun B, Mannie Fresh, Waka, Juicy J and Jackie Chain.

Hipsters Dont Dance October Session

We are back for our monthly sweaty fun filled raves at the Camp! This month we are joined by CWD, if you don’t know about CWD, no worries. CWD is easily one of the best dj’s in london. Originally from Australia where he dj’ed with with everyone (Diplo, Mehdi and others)he has been holding it down at Bump (Plan B) at every Friday. His knowledge of music is crazy but he is a southern hip hop specialist. As you all know the south runs Hip Hop at the moment (as well as creeping into dance music). We are exciting to have him join us upstairs at the Camp!

Also on the night residents Murlo, Why Delila, Kazabon & Hootie Who (HDD Dj’s) will be bringing you the best in hip hop, dancehall and tropical.
You can find the promo mix from Murlo here.
You can find the facebook event here.
P.S As it’s Nigerian independence day we will be adding bits of Nigerian and African bits to our sets on the night.
PPS dont forget you can get great drinks deals until 11pm.


The homie (been using that word a lot recently, is it time to bring it back) uploaded the video version of his Dattebayo mix series. It’s amazing, please look out for a collab between us and him soon. In the meantime watch this hour long mix with some of the best tunes around including Go Go Wine and Racks.

CWD Bump Promo Mix

CWD killing it again with the video mixes. This one is in celebration of his residency at Bump which is every friday at Plan B.

CWD – Bump Promo Mix April 2011 from CWD on Vimeo.

DJ CWD Jan Video Mix

CWD – January 2011 (Video-SL Mix) from cwd on Vimeo.

GUCCI! Past HDD guest CWD just dropped his january video mix (dont you just love technology). Have a gander if you are a fan of weed, big bums, gucci lil b or dubstep. Our you just want to see what might be the future of the dj’ing.