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The making of Big Sean’s A$$

G.O.O.D music’s Big Sean released his first LP recently and one of my highlights was this Mc Hammer sampling booty track called A$$. Da Interz, the producers behind this lovely hybrid of a booty 808 hand claps and an infectious breakdown, describe how they came up with the beat.
You can also check out Dj Ayres cheeky edit of the track here.
U Can’t Touch This (DJ Ayres edit) by T&ARecords

Heavy Warm Up

It’s been almost 3 weeks since the last one and we were getting worried. Then word filtered through from So Shifty that a new one was up. It’s utterly amazing, this series is really turning into something truly special. It is so good that when i see warm up dj’s i get extra mad that they aren’t taking advantage of that time. In my relatively small time dj’ing in london there is no better feeling than building a crowd on the dancefloor and taking them to the places you want. It really is the best place to learn about mood. bpm and crowd favourites. This is a mix that truly mixes it up. props to DJ AYRES.

Heavy Warmup 7: Scott Melker by T&ARecords