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The Making of the Dr Gonzo LP

Crookers sat down and chatted about the making of their latest lp Dr Gonzo. They discuss the difference between this and their last lp and what inspired them to make it. It’s all in italian (with subtitles) but is an interesting watch especially the bit where they discuss wanting to return to fun music. Seems to be something that going around, check out Diplo’s Vanity Fair blog on MikeQ party in New york. You can check out MikeQ’s latest mix on Mixpak.

New Major Lazer Snippets

Not much to say, just a small collection of clips featuring tracks you can hear Vybz and see Wiley in the studio on another beat that isn’t his new single. Probably going to need to hear the whole thing before passing judgement. I do think that the last lp had underrated tunes on there that people overlooked due to how big Pon De Floor was.

Look At Me Now

So we posted the hot 97 version a couple of weeks ago but we had to post the official video because it has Diplo break dancing, Chris Brown dressing up like Spike Lee and everyone wearing starter jackets and lots and lots of fitteds.

Chris Brown – “Look At Me Now” Music Video from Get Noticed Media on Vimeo.

Hot 97 x Angie Martinez x Busta x Diplo

We have always had a soft spot for Angie Martinez ( Dem Thangs in particular), so when we saw this video of her and her staff (and Mr Cee!) rapping along to the new Chris Brown track it had to be put on the blog. My favourite part is the Busta double time verse but who doesn’t love Wayne free form association verse as well.
If the beat feels some what familiar it’s because it’s an Afrojack and Diplo production.