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HDD Top 5 x Danny Brown

After the release of Bluberry this week we thought it would be a good time to do a Danny Brown Top 5. We have an immense love for the Detroit Mc ever since we read this amazing 2 part interview with music journalist Noz. In it he mentions that he was almost signed to G Unit, his dad was a house dj and that one of his favourite Mc’s is Dizzee Rascal. All that and his infectious unique voice meant that he was someone that we would love to listen to. Then we heard the tunes, his vivid imagery and unique sense of humour make him and amazing Mc. Whatever they end up calling this latest generation of hip hop they need to document Danny’s great contribution to it.

Danny Brown – Guitar Solo

There is something to be said about having great visuals in this decade and Danny Brown has plenty. The video for this story telling song is great, please look out for the guitar playing guy in the hospital. The song itself garnered props from Q-Tip online as well. This is the go to song that I play people when I tell them to listen to Danny Brown.

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Darq E Freaker x Blueberry (Feat. Danny Brown)

I’ve been waiting for this collab for ages, i even got the two of them to start chatting about it on twitter. That’s not to say i take any credit for this song, this is a song that show that the hustle ethic in hip hop is not something that just relates to rappers. This is a song that Davey Boy Smith of the Southern Hospitality fam threw together. We are big admirers of what those guys do in hip hop especially since it’s not just paying lip service to their favourite artists. They are there helping artists grow along the way. Congrats to all of them.

The song itself is a banger. A classic Darq E Freaker instrumental (this time more demented carnival) with the added urgency of some trap snares. That combined with Danny Brown spazzing the fuck out what more could you ask for. You can buy the release here. Make sure you check out the crazy remixes as well. You can check out the “Enter the Blow” video here.

Danny Brown x Radio Song

We have been fans of Danny Brown since The Hybrid since then he has signed to one of the best labels around Fools Gold. In doing so they gave him the space to be him and in turn he made one of the best albums of last year XXX. In keeping with the fact that he has the space to do what he wants, Fools Gold release the video for his anti radio song called Radio Song. Danny highlights the pressure that artists feel to make a carbon copy hit single. Even though he’s joking i totally would love to see him do a song called Black and Emo.

Danny Brown Freestyle

Any rapper, especially US rapper, that cites Dizzee Rascal as an influence is worth a listen. Then came the great storytelling fable Guitar Solo (make sure you check out the video, with a fitted hat guitarist in the background of various places including a hospital). Here he is spitting a freestyle on Tony Toca’s show.