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Mr Vegas x Give Thanks for Life

The “Manifest Destiny” of Dancehall at the moment is to make new songs for new dances. Mr Vegas was supposed to do it with this video using his cut on Success and Strive riddim, Hot Rice. Instead he fell out with Overmarz and now went with the party gospel version of Give Thanks for Life. To be honest it’s the better cut.

Artquake – Milando

If there was one dance that ruled Nigeria in the past 5 years it was Artquake’s Atlanta. The dance named after the us city took over the nation and had everyone aping it or at least trying to co-opt it. This year they have returned with a new dance called Milando, this time named after Milan. If this is becoming a thing naming dances after places where they are quite a few Nigerian diaspora please look out for aberdeendo and londondo soon.

New dance x Space Bwoy

Even though i’ve been doing the ricky bobby at raves recently, it doesn’t hurt to have a new dance move introduced once in a while. Obviously we love to dance at HDD, it’s the ethos of the night, here Chekkazz introduces the Space Bwoy. It may seem hard to get down at first but it seems manageable and adaptable to any song. The music that they chose is sort of a modern update of ska but you could probably do this move to an old school funk track.

So Shifty Dance Moves 101

Our good friends So Shifty like to keep ahead of the dance trends. They may make some of the best rump shaking dance music around but they like to make sure that they are 1 step ahead of everyone else when it comes to dance moves.

In this edition they alerted us to 2 moves that they will not doubt be busting out over the summer. This first one is the Cow Foot. I like it because it’s simple, like Lean Back simple. I’m a big guy, i look good two-stepping not krumping. There is even a handy instructional video where Macka Diamond (it’s her track) and Shelly Belly show us how to cow foot properly.

The second dance move sadly doesn’t come with an instructional video. It’s Africa Whine by Tiwony and Da Brains. Mixing soca energy and a variation of the Helicopter, this dance is one for those who love to go hard in the paint. Which we do so please expect us to bussing this out all summer.