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Mavado x So Bazzel

Hey Mavado, how’s it going? All good? How’s that Khaled thing working? Good? Better now that he’s let you just cook up Dancehall bangers and not toss you onto NY hip hop songs? What’s that you have three massive summer hits that will run the dance? And this is one of them? Good for you!

Kray-Z x 3am

There has been a lot of chat about what Drake owes dancehall (we don’t think he does and find it weird he gets flack but EDM producers don’t?). Here Kray-z thats that Toronto R and b template and brings it to dancehall.

Chi Ching Ching x Puss in Boots

God bless the poet that is Chi Ching Ching. Seriously, if any record labels are looking at this post we have a stellar plan to get Chi Ching Ching big in the UK. He deserves it.

Kurry Stain x Too Blessed

We often get told that we are quite slack dj’s, there is nothing we can do to refute that (why should we?). Occasionally there is a spiritual jam that we run with, granted usually thanking god about various body parts/actions.

Kurry Stain’s Too Blessed is an ode to god using the famous idiom Too Blessed to be Stressed.

Vybz Kartel x Fever

Kartel may be incarcerated but his productivity hasn’t stopped! Fever is the first single from his new album King of the Dancehall
and even though the World Boss couldn’t make an appearance in the video, it’s one hell of a visual and has some of the craziest dancehall moves we have ever seen. NSFW

Spice x Sight & Wine

Visuals from Spice never fail to entertain and the video for Sight & Wine sees her and Team Spice doing what they do best! Spice as a fire fighter is almost as good as Spice as a pirate!