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Elephant Man x Jamaica How We Do It

So Elephant Man did a version of This is How We Do It produced by Di Genius. Nuff Said. (above is Elephant Man’s version of cribs)

Ricky Blaze x Never Be

Why isn’t this song an all conquering jam that should be big with all corners of the internet. For all the love the Weeknd and his ilk get Ricky should get for this jam. Sparse, taught and tense its a simply stunning song. This song is more than just the club, its late night riding around music, its pissed off at everyone music. It’s just great.

Kranium x Nobody Haffi Know

Props our resident The Large for putting us on to it. It’s now gaining traction on 1Xtra so maybe we will see it creep more and more into the Uk club scene.

Madtraxx x Gueka

A little late on this one but still good. Always nice to hear more stuff from Kenyans Madtraxx (we still love this), straddling the line between dancehall, hip hop and afropop so well. The repetition reminds me of a certain SA house tune as well.

HDD House Party April


Join us (Kazabon & Hootie Who) this Easter Saturday at The Libertine for another HDD House Party. Famous Eno is off to Manchester for Swing Ting so sadly we will not be having his famous wings, but we will be tucking into one of the Libertine’s great pizzas while spinning your favourite house party classics. It’s more low key than our events at The Shacklewell but just as much fun, if you haven’t been before it sounds a little something like this. More info on our Facebook event page.