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Heavy K x She Goes (Feat. Soulstar)

Probably one of our fave producers in the world Heavy K is back with another single from his lp last year. This time he is joined by Soulstar on another Mzansi house jam. I can’t wait for others to reach out and start working with this genius.

Chi Ching Ching x Watchi Wiya feat HardFiDealWid

Chi Ching Ching is bringing more moves than Ding Dong and Elephant Man put together these days. Watchi Wiya is the latest in his string of dance related hits and like Way Up Stay Up the dance is pretty easy to do. Get involved!

Demarco x Puppy Tail

This one bumps! Loving the vibe and Demarco’s Nardo Ranks impression. kinda NSFW

Gaia Beat x Kimpelequecé

Simply stunning. All Gaia Beat everything. The only issue with this is it is so harsh to mix in.


Another cut from the Rave and Romance Lp gets a visual. Filmed in Mexico it follows the guys as the perform at a festival and stop to take in the sights.

Schlachthofbronx x Rave and Romance

Earlier this week Schalchthofbronx gave away their brand new LP. That’s right 10 tracks all for free on this website. On this album it you can find collaboration with Nicky Da B, Warrior Queen and Bonde Do Role. Make sure you check it out, the video for the lead single is above.