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Dbanj x Oyato

Dbanj is back with his new single, not counting the reference track that came out a couple of weeks, and he is ready to take over the world. It’s Ok, and normally I (Hootie Who) wouldnt comment on it if it wasn’t for three things.
1) He has brought back the harmonica. Why? God knows, he can play it but when was the last time you heard a wicked harmonica solo? Let alone in a 2012 pop song?
2) I have made the case on twitter many times that now that Dbanj has the ears of the British public (this performance at the recent BBC Radio 1 festival being the pinnacle of his recent hard work) he could have released a package of his best songs. A 4 track ep with Scapegoat, Fall In Love, Mr Endowed (not a fan but the Snoop Dogg on the remix would have done something) and Suddenly would have been amazing. Tracks that works incredibly in a carnival, trust me I know. Calabar Carnival 2010 was all Fall In Love all the time.
3) This is Dbanj’s first song post his split with producer Don Jazzy, this is him stepping out of the hit making machine that was Mo Hits (Don Jazzy and Dbanj’s record label). This single needed to be big, who knows if he will even end up on the G.O.O.D. music LP Cruel Summer later this summer? All his talk of getting a Def Jam Africa record label was no more than Naija Boys talking.
At the end of the day we see a man with the world at his feet and the talent to take it, we hope that he can.