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We lovingly call him the The Dream of Jamaica, but Leftside is really an under rated musical genius. Whether it’s his own songs, production, his record label, Keep Left Records, or even videos he really is someone that is incredible. In this 40 minute mix we chose some our favourite Leftside vocals and productions (including what we feel are the best cuts on our favourite riddims) and tried our best to encapsulate an artist who knows no boundaries. Whether it’s his classic dancehall, his alter ego Dr Evil who specialises in impersonations of Lil Wayne, Jay Z and Chris Brown, he really can do it all. People tend to overlook his work on higher tempo dance music with the likes of Major Lazer and Crookers employing him to give his magic touch to whatever madness they have cooking up. With the buzz building with his new single Monkey Biznizz we thought it’s time to make sure the world knows it’s #ALLLEFTSIDEEVERYTHING

Download the mix here

The Making of the Dr Gonzo LP

Crookers sat down and chatted about the making of their latest lp Dr Gonzo. They discuss the difference between this and their last lp and what inspired them to make it. It’s all in italian (with subtitles) but is an interesting watch especially the bit where they discuss wanting to return to fun music. Seems to be something that going around, check out Diplo’s Vanity Fair blog on MikeQ party in New york. You can check out MikeQ’s latest mix on Mixpak.

Dr Gonzo – Bust ’em Off


Combining a lot of things i like bmore breaks, dancehall samples and unrelenting drums. This cut off the Dr Gonzo project is acutally Crookers and Savage Skulls. Out now on southern fried records.