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Aidonia x Summer Sun X One More Gyal

Since Aidonia has teamed up with Corey Todd he has released a bunch of tracks that haven’t really stuck. In a interview just after signing to the former Vybz Kartel manager he mentioned that he wanted to break out and become an international star. We feel that he hasn’t quite made it yet (we are massive fans of Aidonia though, we put Hundred Stab in our IDJ Raw Talent winning mix). However this video is top notch and instantly makes One More Gyal a lot more enjoyable. It’s interesting but a good video can really elevate a track and this one does.
Also his african leopard print jacket is incredible.

Reality Shows and Ad’s = Jamaica Recap

There have been many little things that have happened over the past couple of weeks in dancehall that we haven’t posted since we don’t necessarily like bad mind business or gossip (the war between Twin of Twins and Tony Matterhon , The beef between Chase Cross (Mavado’s cousin) and Bounty Killer, Corey Todd allegedly beating up disc jockeys, Clifton Brown’s child support issues, Beenie Man’s divorce). Instead we decided to post these two videos which have made us smile.

The first one Yaad Stout’s official ad for their new beverage. It takes shots at a rather piss poor Red Stripe commercial and features people that Corey Todd ( Kartel’s former manager) has signed or is rumoured to have signed. The fact that it looks like an 8 year could have whipped it up doesn’t seem like an issue for the brand.

The second video is a short preview of Vybz Kartel’s brand new dating show. In the video Kartel shows the mansion where the ladies who will be competing for his love in the Teacha’s Pet will be staying. The best bit is easily the way that the camera avoids showing the faces of the girls, this is just meant to be a preview of the house of course. If you do want to see what the girls are like you can check out their audition tapes as well. So Shifty and i are both putting our support behind the german entrant, Adorita Swaggerita.