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HDD x Radar Radio July 13th

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2 hours of World Carnival tunes from us on our latest show. Come for the music stay for the whining.

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Hagan x Gold Coast EP

We are going to go ahead and say this might be my favourite surprise of the year. Hagan has been someone we have been checking out over the past few months. His music straddles the line between Afro-House and House. A blend of Uk and Africa, it’s with this EP that he hits our sweet spot. Although predominately house, this Ep could slot alongside a lot of SA house, thinking of Black Motion in particular. It’s the added touches that make this special. The title track has a wavering note that is reminiscent of Ghana’s Azonto, then goes ahead and lets the drums ride out.

One of the tags of the EP is Uk Funky and whilst a lot of people want Afrohouse to be the one to take the place of the much loved genre this is an example of that being the case. Take The track the Music (the vocal sample ain’t for us) but the main rhythmic drums are similar to Crazy Cousins Inflation.

Hagan alongside another one of our faves Major Notes are bringing a UK dance flavour to Afrohouse which in our opinion is needed. Crowds here either want one or the other (Afrohouse sets or club sets), why not blend the two to create something unique.

HDD x Radar Radio 26 Feb 2015

2. Radar Radio Insta_FEB262

Our 2nd Radar Radio show is up. World Carnival bizniss (Dancehall, Soca, Reggaeton, Club and more) and a spotlight on DJ Mustard productions.

HDD x Radar Radio 26th February 2015 by Hipsters Dont Dance on Mixcloud


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John Hart x Who Booty (Feat. IamSu!) Ceeda Edit

This Ceeda remix of this current Bay Area rap and bullshit jam is the perfect way to kick off the enw year cobwebs. The OG (which you can see above) has been kicking around for a while but this remix takes it straight to the club. Here is what the man had to say about the remix:

“I recently moved to the Bay Area, so I decided to give this BA hit a club rework. Although the original is already club-ready in its own right (a sensual banger per say), I wanted to make it club-accessible in a whole new way. Perhaps for a different club. Or the same club on a different night.”

You can grab the remix on LFTF blog.