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Lumidee x Mars (Feat. Bodega Bamz)

Keeping up with Lumidee’s career recently has been fun because unlike others she really is experimenting with genres to find that next hit. She tried dancehall with her cut on the excellent trap sounding Spook Riddim and even got other notable NY up and comer Chinx Drugz on her last single. Here she got Bodega Bamz (currently on a great upswing) and the beat from grinding on this Rap and Bull hit.

Bodega Bamz x Don Fransico (Feat. French Montana)

Bamz is back (I’m going to pretend that Game of Thrones mixtape doesn’t exist. That being said who thought of getting Bamz and Magazeen on it?) This time with Africa’s number one rapper/ Don French Montana. I saw this billed as a Tan Boys and Coke Boys remix which leads me to have hopes that Charlie Rock would be involved. Sadly no.

Bodega Bamz x Navy

The Og Papi and the rapper that i always excited to see/hear his new stuff has another video this time in the shape of Navy. I like the way that Bodega shouts out the current crop of rap/rap blog royalty and his passionate flow.

Bodega Bamz x Say Amen (Feat. Asap Ferg)

Two of the guys that will be on your who to watch list team up for this grandiose video set in a picturesque church. I’ve been listening to Bamz a lot recently, the guy has something about him, doesn’t fit in neat pockets because he is versatile to do a lot.