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Wiley x Boom Blast

From the people behind Wiley’s Numbers In Action video and Dels Shapeshift and Trumpalump videos, comes Wiley’s Boom Blast (they also had a part to play in Nokia’s loop promo featuring Warrior One) Us Design are concept kings when it comes to music videos, playing on lyrics and human interaction to bring their videos to life. The Boom Blast video is no exception, simple concept excellently executed. Look out for the cameo by HDD’s Hootie Who. Boom Blast will be available to buy on January 19th as part of Wiley’s Evolve or Be Extinct album.

Toddla T – Watch Me Dance (feat. Roots Manuva)

T teams up with Roots again on this funk inspired track from his forthcoming lp. Roots is looking dapper in the video, which is to be expected bearing in mind i saw him on my local high street dressed like a 60’s playboy last month.

Wiley Numbers in Action

Eski boy is back with quite possibly the best video he has ever done…. (seriously have you ever seen pies?). Directed by our good friends over at Us design studio, it shows Wiley at his best rhyming and actually looking like he enjoyed himself. Its a simple (although i’m sure very hard to make) video but lays bare how good a rapper he is and hopefully will be a great indicator of how good his future music could be.