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Benjai x Phenomenal

Benjai is the second artist to release a video for his cut on Kan Kan riddim (the first being Sekon Sta). This is our favourite riddim by far this soca season and Benjai’s cut is real nice. I (Kazabon) 100% agree with the line “Soca jus give me mi powers, make me jump and fete fi hours” and we have seen what soca does to people in the dance, no doubt this will have people feteing fi hours at T&T carnival.

Sekon Sta x The Best (Kan Kan Riddim)

Kan Kan riddim is our top pick so far from the Soca 2015 offerings, produced by AdvoKit Productions with great cuts from Benjai, Olatunji, and King Bubba FM. This one from Sekton Sta is a little sweeter than the other cuts but it is one of our favourites and we hope there will be more to come from him this soca season.

Magaroze Riddim

This riddim by St Lucian team Ace and Penn of Studio 758 and Slu Records has been getting a lot of play at HDD HQ since it came out a few months ago. Each cut on the riddim is strong and full of energy, with Kes’ Body Working and Kakal’s Salt Fish being firm favourites here. Leftside recently recorded Giddy Up on the riddim where we hear him (and his alter ego Dr Evil) go all country – we love it nearly as much as his cut on Benny Hill Riddim. Look out for this riddim in our future sets and mixes – Notting Hill Carnival’s on its way!