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Robzilla & Jahdan Blakkamoore x World Keeps Spinning

This one flew under our radar Dutty Artz‘s Robzilla released a new EP last month with Jahdan Blakkamoore (who might have worked with almost everyone we like). The highlight of the EP is the title track World Keeps Spinning just goes.Check it out here and buy on itunes here.

Famous Eno x All Good FM Preview

Good things come to those who wait and boy have we waited for this to come out. Eno drops his All Good FM EP on the all mighty Mixpak on June 12th. It’s an exciting moment as Eno is easily one of the best around and as his guest set at HDD showed is someone whose tastes mirror our own, we are very happy to see this get the release it deserves. Also big up Mc Stitch for being a) amazing on the track b) an incredibly nice man. Remixes come from Ireland’s Arveene & Misk, Club King DJ Sliink and Eno even turns his own work into something will get that bass stuck in your chest.

Toddla T x Body Dub

One of our favourite tunes from last years Watch Me Dance LP gets the remix treatment from Ross Orton and Pipes. This is taken from the upcoming remix LP (done solely by the Sheffield duo) which is out on August 13. Ross Orton has been someone that we have always liked from the days that he and Toddla did amazing remixes to his collaboration with Checan. To hear his and Pipes touch of what was one of the best LP’s of last year will be exciting.

So Shifty Presents #Unfuckwithable

Every week the excellent So Shifty guys will bring you a performance that they deem #unf*ckwithable. You can give them suggestions on twitter just using that hashtag but ultimately they will decide. This week’s edition is from Durban, South Africa and it’s Big Nuz feat DJ Tira.

Schlachthofbronx x Slowine / Dickie Riddim ft Warrior Queen

Our Bavarian brothers #gettrippymane for the visual for the latest double A side release Slowine and Dickie Riddim. This grainy 90’s vhs tape video also features Warrior Queen spitting some filthy lyrics that might get you in trouble if you listen to it at work but not so much if on the dancefloor. You can cop it here. Don’t forget that the LP Dirty Dancing (aka your soundtrack to the summer) is out on March 30.

HDD Top 5 x Tomb Crew

We have had the pleasure of knowing Tomb Crew (in it’s various incarnations) over the past few years. Thanks to their amazing Yo Mama night (which they run with Food Soundsystem) has been the backbone to our london clubbing experience. And even though we have Effect Mode at HDD this Saturday at the Camp, we wanted to shine a light on some of our favourite Tomb Crew releases. Their production credits are deep and incredibly varied so be prepared for a variety of some of their best stuff.

Tomb Crew- Watch This

We have waxed on about this jam many times on the site, it even made our top 20 of last year. The interplay between the Mc’s, that rumbling bass, that light keys… blah blah it’s pretty god damn good.

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