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Chinx Drugz x I’m A Coke Boy Remix (Feat. Rick Ross, French Montana & Diddy)

Look I’m in love with this Harry Fraud instrumental and Frenchie’s chorus. The others could be talking about the fall of the Roman Empire in intricate detail for all i care (they aren’t).You can find this on the so so Chinx Drug mixtape Coke Riot 3.

HDD Video Vault #5 You Should Be Mine

Do you remember when you had to wait for MTV’s The Lick or Yo MTV Raps to see the best new videos? We do! Kazabon even had a VHS of the her favourite videos, from a time when Hype Williams was behind nearly every great video and when artists tried to out-do themselves and their peers with the hottest new video. We have decided to dig into the HDD video vault to bring you some of our favourites.

Today’s selection from the HDD Video Vault is Brian McKnight’s You Should be Mine. Before Brian McKnight became a viral sensation by asking us if we were ready to learn he was was busy being nominated for Grammys, playing eight instruments, and making tunes like this one featuring Mase. This tune was released in 1997 and you can definitely tell its a 90s video by Brian’s leather jacket and shades, the hip hop dancers in crop tops, and the video girls are actually fully clothed! We especially love Mase’s two step and the shots of Brian trying to get down with the dancers.

French Monana x Shot Caller Remix (Feat. Diddy and Rick Ross)

From those opening horns this song grabs you, there is something special about Harry Fraud’s production. It’s a little left of centre, it evokes memories of past hip hop without being slavishly nostalgic. His production on the Riff Raff and Action Bronson song ” target=”_blank”>Bird on a Wire is stellar as well, aided in part by Bronson’s vivid non sequiturs. He is definitely a producer to look for in 2012.

This video is classic Bad Boy, Colin Tilley does a great job of incorporating that black and white clear style that has defined some classic Bad Boy videos of past.