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Top 3 Beat Tapes of the Year

It’s December and it’s time to start throwing out lists; we will have our post xmas Top 20Tunes of the year list as usual, but for now we will focus on a couple of parts of the musical world which no one will pick up on. In this case I’d like to highlight 3 beat tapes that I (Hootie Who) have really enjoyed, put in mixes and that occasionally made it into sets.

1) Chase N Chase : Verde

The NO rapper released this beat tape and an LP this year. He also made one of the instrumentals this year for the Dom Kennedy and Kendrick Lamar collaboration We Ball. Verde is a collection of stuff that you would vibe out to, similar to Beastin above. DL here

2) DJ Dahi : Toys 2.0

Producer of one of my songs of the year My Type of Party he then topped the year off by having one of his instrumentals on the biggest LP of the year; Money Trees on Kendrick Lamar’s MAAD city – it might be the end of the night sneaky singalong classic for years to come. You can dl Dj Dahi’s Toys 2.0 here.

3) DJ Burn One : Where There’s Smoke

Easily one of my fave producers over the past few years, his incredible instrumentals remind me of Organized Noize (easily in my top 3 producers of all time). Highlights on here are the A$AP Rocky songs from his mixtape which in my opinion gave Rocky the best template to be him (unlike the LP). This is music that you can Burn One too, DL here.

A$AP Rocky x Goldie

Rocky in Paris! The video to the Hit-Boy produced summer hit is out already and it’s great. It’s the best video Rocky has been in. Driving around the champs, rolling in an old school classic in Paris is a great sight to see. A$AP Yams doing the Dame Dash dance is another highlight.

Ps it’s nice to see Rocky rocking a Pigalle tee shirt because it’s one of our favourite areas in Paris.

Asap Rocky x Goldie

We are posting this behind the scenes video for Asap Rocky’s latest single Goldie for two reasons. The first is the interaction with producer Hit Boy whom we adore. Not just because he made Paris but also Lay It On Me, Drop The World amongst others. A lot of talk leading up to the release of the single was wondering how Rocky was going to handle a Hit Boy beat, instead we get a wonderful combination of both of their sounds. The second reason why it’s getting a post is that it’s a great track. I may lack the initial thrill of Peso or Purple but it’s really quite accomplished. Expect it to be everywhere soon, because this unlike some of his other tracks will really work in the club.