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Aidonia x Bruki

Aidonia is back with another gallis anthem, look he can’t be beat with these type of tunes. He is having a great summer and this another notch on his summer hit bedpost.

Aidonia x Pon Di Pole

Aidonia releases a song about the gentrification of Kingston. Kidding it’s Aidonia doing what Aidonia does best slackness in his amazing gruff style.

Aidonia x Fi Di Jockey

Aidonia continues his impressive streak of hits with the video for Fi Di Jockey. Here are a list of thing this video should win awards for: Best use of a mechanical bull, best use of judging signs whilst being nonchalant, best design for Aidonia’s shirt and best use of Jockey gear ever.

Leftside x Bubble (Dubbel Dutch Blend)

We are massive fans of Leftside here at HDD and also of Dubbel Dutch so when the two combine you can only imagine how happy we are. Dubbel Dutch took TI and Lil Wayne’s Ball which according to Rob Pursey of SH was the song that you heard everywhere at SXSW and added this great Leftside vocal to create this monster. We can’t wait to play it on the dancefloors and see the crowd bubble and whine. We should be cooking up something good to do with Leftside soon enough.

You should also check out his remix of Aidonia’s smutty anthem Pon Di Cocky. And make sure you check out Mixpak Radio every tuesday on Radio Lily.

Aidonia x Sick Nuh Freetsyle

Aidonia hops on the Work Hard Play Hard beat and absolutely destroys it. Even his weird chorus bit which is off key and doesnt even stay on beat, this is the sort of thing you overlook when you are that good on the verses. Aidonia may not have the hugest catalogue but when his tunes work they are great.

Aidonia x Summer Sun X One More Gyal

Since Aidonia has teamed up with Corey Todd he has released a bunch of tracks that haven’t really stuck. In a interview just after signing to the former Vybz Kartel manager he mentioned that he wanted to break out and become an international star. We feel that he hasn’t quite made it yet (we are massive fans of Aidonia though, we put Hundred Stab in our IDJ Raw Talent winning mix). However this video is top notch and instantly makes One More Gyal a lot more enjoyable. It’s interesting but a good video can really elevate a track and this one does.
Also his african leopard print jacket is incredible.