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Burna Boy X Tonight

So we chatted endlessly about this song when it first came out a few months ago and here is the video. We really feel that Burna Boy is an artist for everyone to look out for. Later this month we will be releasing a Zip with the Burna Boy tracks that we love, including the Murlo remix (which is currently getting played on Lagos’ biggest radio station) and a brand new refix from us.

Bez x That Stupid Song

Hootie Who is currently in Nigeria and one of the first tunes he has heard on Nigerian radio is Bez’s Stupid Song. Praiz’s vocals on the chorus could very easily be mistaken for those of John Legend but bet you never heard Mr Legend belting out Nigerian nursery rhymes!

Style & Swagger show with Hootie Who

Style & Swagger NTS 20.06.12 with Hootie Who by Style And Swagger on Mixcloud

On the last Style & Swagger show HDD’s Hootie Who joined Kazabon and The Large in the NTS studio to play a selection of his favourite African Dancehall tunes.  The mix features African stars D’banj, Kaakie, Flavour and P- Square amongst others. This one’s not to be slept on!

Tribal Magz x Tribal Azonto

As you all know we like to dance, and we are suckers for an instructional dance video at HDD HQ. In this video Tribal Magz (the man who brought us the Tribal Man Skank) and friends show us how to do the Tribal Azonto, which is a series of moves –  the haters move back, the wah di mi sika, the chop money, the be the tribal man, i dunno man….all i do is azonto man and many more – which seem to be inspired by some of the biggest tunes in Afro Beats right now  -  Fuse ODG’s Azonto, 5five’s Move Back, and P Square’s Chop My Money.

The Tribal Azonto track is a blend of DJ Cndo’s Termniator (which featured in our World Carnival mix) and 5five’s Move Back with Tribal Magz adding his own flavour to the mix. Props to Afrobeats in da city for putting us on to this one.

Fuse ODG X Azonto

We have been playing this tune at our events since we heard it a little while back, and are happy to see that Fuse ODG has finally dropped the video with a special verse from Donaeo and cameo from comedian Eddie Kadi. Its nice to see that Tiffany also features in the video, showing you her moves on the ‘Azonto Cam’ – what better way to learn the Ghanaian dance.
Catch us alongside Fuse ODG at Roundhouse Rising presents Kiss My Teeth this Thursday.