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Fantasy Thrilla x Crush On You Remix

Fantasy Thrilla is back, finally it’s been ages. His new one is his ballroom take on the classic Lil Kim and Lil Cease duet Crush on You (argument to be made that this was my generation’s Tammi Terrel and Marvin Gaye duet) . This was the moment that launched the career of Lil Kim yet is often overlooked by DJ’s who do a throwback sets. None the less this is great and is already in all our crates for future parties.

HDD Top 5 x Summer Anthems

Ahead of our collabo event with Yo Mama, this Saturday at Catch Bar, we thought it would be a good time to go through some of our favourite summer anthems.

Fresh Prince & Jazzy Jeff – Summertime

Let’s get the elephant in the room out of the way. The OG is classic the remix is pretty good as well and the third version? Well it was pretty good.

R Kelly – Summer Bunnies

you can’t go wrong with a bit of Kells but when you add some Spinners (the band not the wheel accesories) you get something special. Extra points for having Robert playing basketball and the Rumpshaker-esque clothes that the women are sporting. Also #leatherinthesummer

Shaggy – In The Summertime

A lot of our childhood was spent singing along to Shaggy’s summer anthems, the man has the magic touch but we went with the Mungo Jerry sampling song. You may have also noticed a theme about our choices.

Vybz Kartel – Summertime

Even though it reminds me of Grease and Hi Di Hi the reaction that people have when Kartel croons off key “Pool Party” then the drums drop and next thing you know we are off with one of the biggest dancehall songs of last year.

Carl Thomas – Summer Rain

Carl Thomas is not English, if he was this sexy and sultry song would have been dirge. Instead we get a great R and B track that is one of the most slept on tracks of all time. Some days go by and i have played this on repeat for 2 hours straight.

HDD Top 5 x Aaliyah

Our Gothic Aaliyah refix dropped yesterday, so we thought this would be a good time to run through our top 5 Aaliyah tunes. Aaliyah truly was one in million, she had the voice, the moves and the talent that a lot of artists have not managed to come close to. Her style was effortless, whether she was kickin it in some baggy jeans and simple vest or being sultry and sexy in fitted leather trousers and bikini top, she was the girl that the girls wanted to be and that guys wanted to be with. We have a lot of love for Aaliyah, here are our top 5 selections from the star who was taken too soon.

Back & Forth featuring R Kelly

Back & Forth is probably the first Aaliyah tune that we fell in love with, its a definite party tune that always gets us in the mood for the weekend. It was written by R Kelly (who Aaliyah was rumoured to be married to at the time) and the pied piper even raps a few bars between shooting hoops in the video.

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J Cole x Nobody’s Perfect (featuring Missy Elliot)

As fans of J Cole and massive Missy Elliot fans we had to post this video! The production reminds us of an old Timbaland beat and both J Cole and Missy kill it on this smooth soulful tune. Missy displays her talent as a singjay on the hook and on that excellent bridge which references both Aaliyah and Lonely Island (We love bridges and hooks so much we even did a podcast on them). We are definitely glad to see Missy back on the scene!

Terro 3000

We first heard of Terro when we heard the Flatlands riddim on the Federation Sound podcast. Of course he has been around for a while and has had hits before but there was something about his version that made us want to listen to more of his stuff. His latest single Rock Di Boat is out and we thought we would ask him some questions based on the lyrics of the track.

A lot of dancehall is based on dance moves, did you create this tune with that in mind. If so is there a certain move for this tune?

Well the song wasnt built with a specific move in mind. rock di boat is just a song for the ladies to have a good time to. ladies can just feel free to do what wanna do on this song. its just a fun song for you

“Slam dunk inna net just like muthumbo”
You mention Dikembe Muthumbo Who is your fabourite NBA player?

Well my favourite basket ball player of all time is the great jordan of the mighty chicago bulls. right now derrick rose also of the bulls caught my attention. da yute deh can play basket ball, him bad. Big up wade to

“African dance me a beat congo”
You mention African dance and congo drums, are you a fan of African music?

mi love african music! im a producer as well and i find the way they put thier percussion together very interesting. plus im jamaican and our traditional music is african based so i guess it inna mi blood to.

There have been other rock the boats in the past, which is your favourite:
Aaliyah’s rock the boat or Hues Corporation’s rock the boat?

I absolutely love Aaliyah! that is my girl so im gonna have to say aaliyah. i had the biggest crush on her back it high school LOL

“Ya a lead them a follow gyal you iconic”
Who do you think is iconic in the dancehall world?
Bounty killer and Beenie man. dem a di herat and soul of dancehall. thats jus my opinion lol

You can find out more on Terro 3000 in his interviews with Why Delila on Shimmy Shimmy website. Or on Snsbldnchl website.

HDD Fluffy Warm Up Mix

Inspired by the DJ Ayres Heavy Warmup mix series, here is our tribute to the excellent mixes (http://djayres.com/)
As our night focuses on music of Caribbean influence we have named it Fluffy Warm Up ; Fluffy is Jamaican slang for a larger lady.
We feel this mix reflects our warm up sets at HDD and follows the heavy warmup guidelines “No drops, talking or crazy Ableton trickery”
Ps: Download link is here