Soca Season 2011

This Thursday at the Queen of Hoxton, Heatwave (and also Mc Prankster aka Trini Gladiator) return for a carnival special. In celebration of the night we have decided to post some of a favourite soca songs this year.

Benjai – Whine To The Side

A tune that shows that you can enjoy carnival wherever you are, so even if you aren’t in the middle of trinidad carnival you can embrace that fact and still whine to the side.


Buhwamoder – Bend right over
Only two words to describe this song. SLAP! CHOP!


Ziggy Rankin’ – Mango Tree
Last year Patch was asking how many inches of pipe you wanted, this year Ziggy is asking you to climb up his mango tree.


Shal Marshall -Whole Day/ Motorbike
Whilst a lot of people preferred speakerboxx on the flagship riddim, whole day has got more plays at HDD HQ.


Blaxx – Tanti Woi
Swahili riddim has a lot of good cuts but this one’s call and response reminds me of that scene in coming to America where Eddie Murpy’s future wife is being presented to him.


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