Rep Your Creps #1 : Superflex

Welcome to the first post in the Rep Your Creps series, where its all about the creps/kicks/trainers/runners/sneakers that our favourite DJs and artists are rocking. SeeOhSay and Lukey from SuperFlex (who will be djing at HDD June session) fill us in on their footwear choices.

What creps are you wearing right now?
SeeOhSay NikeĀ  Mid SB Blazers
Lukey It’s an all black everything situation today Black Reebok Classic Hi Tops

What are the most comfortable creps you own?
SeeOhSay Vans Authentic, until I’m brave enough to do a Espadrilles/no-socks combo – for ultimate comfort
Lukey Black Reebok Classic Hi Tops. Well comfy and essential for life in London commuting from place to place. Plus i’ve been saying Velcro has been an underrated material from day, you don’t have to worry about shoelaces getting eaten by escalators, it’s a strap up and go teng! oof

What creps do you chose for stage/shows?
SeeOhSay Whatever feels right on the day. The younger me who was less experienced of the night life (and how many people will probably step on your feet) would’ve made sure they were a clean pair if visible.
Lukey Club friendly kicks! Aka ones that when I leave the venue it doesn’t look like I just ran cross-country in torrential rain. Air Max 90’s are a regular choice: they look fresh, easy to give a lil clean-up and they’re sporty enough to do a decent two-step when dj’ing.

What are your perfect summer creps?
SeeOhSay Multi-coloured Nike Air Max 1’s has summer written all over.
Lukey Summer is definitely a Vans (Canvas Authentic) ting! Summer is all about bright colours and Vans have a wide selection. So feel free to Power Rangers it up with your crew and rep a different colour each haha. My personal favs are the blue ones, classic.

What creps do you think look good on women?
SeeOhSay Any pair of Nikes, but not ANY – so the Tiger Woods Edition golf shoe is a no go. Mainly Hi-Tops. If whatever she has on her feet looks good on her, I’m a fan.
Lukey My favs would have to be Reebok Freestyle Hi. There’s something cool about girls in them and they’re appropriate footwear to hit the dance-floor anytime!

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