Praiz x Mercy (Feat Diana King)

I’ll let you in to a secret, most Nigerian artists aren’t looking to brand new dancehall artists for collabs or inspiration. Instead they are looking to artists that they either see on MTV or music heard at functions. When i first saw this and it’s photoshopped cover i thought it would be a straight cover of the classic. Instead it’s Diana King and Praiz going over an afropop beat and crafting a gospel infused banger. Damn it she even busts out some Pidgeon at the end.

Lumidee x Mars (Feat. Bodega Bamz)

Keeping up with Lumidee’s career recently has been fun because unlike others she really is experimenting with genres to find that next hit. She tried dancehall with her cut on the excellent trap sounding Spook Riddim and even got other notable NY up and comer Chinx Drugz on her last single. Here she got Bodega Bamz (currently on a great upswing) and the beat from grinding on this Rap and Bull hit.

Flip Major x Work (Feat. Iamsu!)

Iamsu almost has a anything he does we post pass on this site but this collab with Flip Major is more Bay area snaps goodness. All of this goodness plus the Bernie in the video.

Road Elf x Head Top/ Tribal Touch

Road Elf is back with a video for his latest single Tribal Touch, which is really good. We are big fans of his and can’t wait for the world to catch on some more. Shout out to him and the whole Ballaz fam.

Leikeli47 x Fuck The Summer Up

Hip Hop fire from Brooklyn’s Leikeli47, i can’t really find a lot about her online. There is this Noisey article but god damn does this go. IDGAF summer anthems are always a bonus and this is one.