Kari Faux x Gahdamn

There is this picture of Bill Clinton on the railroad track from the 90′s that goes round quite a bit on tumblr. The joke is that Hilary is taking the pic and doesn’t realise that it’s Hip Hop rap jail pose. That was probably the most hip hop thing to come out of Little Rock until Kari Faux. The Video for Gahdamn starts of with the remix for No Small Talk with Childish Gambino. Both tracks are hot.

Syndon J x Bobmoney

I can’t explain this song, it’s part groovy soca, part Akon don’t Matter, part afropop. Its just mad. Factor in the video and you have something that could be viral.

Chi Ching Ching x Way Up (Feat. Beenie Man & Popcaan)

It’s been a while since we last posted some new dancehall and this cut off the Happy Hour riddim is ok but right now OK is good. The OG is made better by Beenie effectively doing Romie Part 13. Still its another hit for Chi Ching Ching which is good.

Agre G x Na boca é 1000

More Kuduro goodness, this time from Agre G. Also digging the Kanye esque mask.

Bonnie B x Truffle Butter Remix

The deep house cut on the Minaj Lp seems to have got US rappers excited. This particular version is from Bonnie B who is from the Tanboys movement out of NY. First time hearing her but she handles the beat so well.

Gino Brown x Show the Mercy (Feat. Pinky Jay)

Sorry for being MIA we went on break for a while before going to South Africa for a while. Expect a lot of Sa based content in the coming weeks but the 1 track we were desperate to post about was this one. Sa and Nigeria team up on this house jam. Shout out to my Bro for spotting this one.