Buraka Som Sistema x Vuvuzela (Carnaval)

Brand new goodness from Buraka. Another great visual these guys really have it going on. Also peep their new fashion label

Assassin x Sekkle An Cease

Assassin accompanies his cut on Nuh Fraid Riddim with this excellent 90s themed video. Great riddim, great Assassin vocal, great video!

Mila j x Smoke Drink Break Up (Murlo Refix)

We like to think of Mila J as the turn up version of her sister Jhene Aiko. Don’t get us wrong we love Jhene too but Mila’s music is more suited to the club and Murlo’s refix of Smoke Drink Break Up ensures that you are dancing in the club! Download or stream above.

Gaia Beat x Kimpelequecé

Simply stunning. All Gaia Beat everything. The only issue with this is it is so harsh to mix in.

Busy Signal x 24 Hours

Guess who is back? Busy going over Mustard’s beat for Teeflii (who really has next, but before Eric Bellinger). Is there anyone more capable at anything than Busy. Maybe its been a complete lack of actual hits on his own but these covers really cement him in any DJ’s crate. Low the secret cheating bizniss.