P Square x Chop My Money (feat Akon & May D)

So there has been a recent signing spree for African artists which i like to liken to the Space Race between the Us and Russia. Allow me to continue this laboured analogy by saying that Akon is currently in the lead (like Russia was) by releasing the remix of the latest P Square. He has signed Africa’s number 1 boyband (although they have been around for a while now they should be a manband) as well as my fave African rapper M.I. and i think Wiz Kid (aka the Wiz Khalifa of Africa). By the way the United States in this analogy is Kanye West’s G.O.O.D Music, who signed D’Banj and Don Jazzy. This is it; the opening salvo and you can tell that P Square can’t believe it really because this is a quote from underneath the video “Akon of Konvict Music, you best believe that cause he featured on this track.” The song isn’t the greatest but it does mark the first salvo in the African music Space Race.

In other Us x Nigeria music news the rumour is that D’banj has managed to get Rick Ross to feature on his next LP.

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