Orezi x Booty Bounce

So i just got back from a short trip to Nigeria, which mean i really get to immerse myself in not only naiaja music but other delights the continent has to offer. Here are a couple of observations, azonto is everywhere (in Nigeria often mixed with atigi), experimentation is everywhere whether it be hiplife, hip hop, pop or any other genre. The most important thing is the importance of Channel O and Trace more than MTV Base in Africa. All three of the music video channels are heavily biased more and more towards African music, it’s great because the exposure helps all these artists travel the continent more than ever.(The only other country i know that does this is Leading station, Channel O are about to have their annual music awards and one of the nominees is this song by Orezi. The video screams Tyga but the song is something completely different. The dancehall inflections are even as minimal as west coast stalwart DJ Mustard (producer of Rack City and other stuff for YG, 2 Chainz and Meek Mill) except with Equinoxx (bird) sound effects on top. The song is a couple of months old but still is good enough to be played in clubs right now. Also props to the Keep the Heads Ringin interpolation.

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