HDD Top 5 x Murlo

Ahead of his new EP on Wineyard records (his own label, how very Master P) which is released tomorrow we have decided to put together our top 5 Murlo tunes. As you should know Murlo is a resident at HDD and someone whom we have had the pleasure to get to know over the past year or so. So definitely check out the 4 track EP over at his bandcamp page.

Mr Vegas – Certain Law (Murlo Notting Hill Dub)

Recently approved by the man himself this remix is a great example of the various things that inspire Murlo as a DJ and producer. You have of course the badman anthem of Mr Vegas, but also the grime influenced bashment riddim. DJ CWD made a video edit of the whole thing which you can view above.

Rihanna – Only Girl (Murlo Remix)

There was one point where this was the only song you would hear anywhere (the OG) and it was just incredibly grating until Murlo got his Shepshed hands on it. Then he turned it into a dubby spaced out pop jam which kinda of made me wish that Rihanna just picked up the phone to work with him already.

Beyonce – Diva (Murlo Remix)

A Diva is a female version of a hustler indeed. Murlo seems to have a thing for Beyonce and may have been inspired to turn this female anthem into a soca song after watching B doing a Check on It x Palance blend in concert in Trinidad.

Whole Sick ft Janai – Voodoo (Murlo Remix)

We really loved the original especially the vocal from Janai, sultry and longing and fit Whole Sick‘s og so well. Murlo then added his water drops and xylophone scales and the rest is funky history.

Murlo – Wineyard EP

So what if we put a whole EP in here, it’s our choice. Every single one of these tunes highlight the different aspects of Murlo’s productions, and if you don’t like them no worries he has expanded his production range even more. A DJ recently told me that having Murlo DJ at HDD was like having another genre in itself, in some ways we agree and disagree with that. Yes he is influenced by the same things as us but at the same time his productions spiral into some many different genres and resonate with some many different folks it’s amazing to see.

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