Matrimoney Movie


The Matrimoney movie is definitely the best medley video this year (sorry Barmitzva riddim). The riddim is brought to you by Washroom Entertainmentand features cuts by Wayne Marshall, Future Fambo and Sean Paul, Lady Saw, and Tifa.

What makes this video stand out is the excellent execution of a very simple idea which reflects the riddim, and the interaction between the artists as they move through the different cuts on the riddim. We also love seeing the stars as older versions of themselves.


Matrimoney is available to buy now.

2 Responses to Matrimoney Movie

  1. Maaaad video! It’s nice to see artists enjoying themselves, and the video does what it’s supposed to do – entertain and make people wanna go buy the record! Thanks for sharing… Peace and love!

  2. The video has made us love the riddim that little bit more too!

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