Jeremih x Go To the Mo

Last summer before we took a short holiday to Spain and asked a bunch of people for albums to listen to. We got recommended Jeremih’s first lp by Rob Pursey. To be honest i wasn’t expecting much, his singles were ok but nothing great. What i heard was something that was a lot more promising. He really showed that he wasn’t your average hook guy. Since then he has gone on to be the guy to go to for hooks. Meek Mill used him for Amen (one of our contenders of song of the summer), DJ Drama’s My Moment (aka I’m On One part 2, nothing wrong with that) and Travis Porter Ride Like That.

As well as being the common denominator between all those hits he has been releasing a slew of mixtape cuts (for the upcoming Late Nights tape). The highlight being this ATCQ sampling Keep It Movin’. The song features his writing partner Marcus French and is a 2012 take on a boom bap classic. He also hopped on King Louie’s new banger Val Venis as well as the lead single Go to the Mo. There is an incredibly NSFW video but we aren’t posting that.

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