Ice Prince x Gimme Dat (Feat. Burna Boy, Yung L & Olamide)

This is great, like song of the year great. Burna’s verse is my favourite of the year in any genre. Yung L gruff voice makes me laugh every time i hear it. Chopstix beat is great. The chorus is great. It’s great. Here is a basic transciption of Burna’s verse from myself and Kazabon.

Gimme me light and spliff no one can come near
when i light it up it you see smoke in the air nothing can compare
Light the candle up like its my brithday
Bare girl wine on me like im thristy
Shelly-Anne is light skinned and curvy
Screaming mercy because i fuck her in the worst way
She say Gidi Gidi Gidi like a marathon
She dont want kids but she’s going to swallow some
boom shoot like i have a gun
soon as me commando
She make me scream Hey Spin me my song dj
Dj nah dey carry replay

no be today i tell you my guy dont dey
all my Dem dj play their part
sincerely thanking you from my heart
Control me when the song once start
you are pass me the song now.

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