Hipsters Dont Dance February Session

Ladies and Gentlemen we are back! On the 4th of February we are back at The Camp for some more tropical bacchanalian madness. This time we are joined by Effect Mode and Illaman. The guys will be doing a live performance on the night as well as a hip hop tinged set. For a slight hint of the madness that it will be on the night check out prolific twitterer and badman MC Illaman’s (and Micall Parknsun) freestyle over an Effect Mode beat.

Look out next week as we will have something special in store that we just cooked up with Effect Mode and Nick from Yo Mama.

Also on the night will be Why Delila, Illanja and Kazabon & Hootie Who bringing you the best in Hip Hop, tropical and dancehall. You don’t want to miss out on this as we will be going even harder this year than last.

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