HDD Top 5 X HDD Residents

This Saturday’s session is all about our residents so we decided to do a top 5 honouring the talented djs and producers in our camp. Catch residents Murlo, The Large, Why Delila, Illanja and HDD DJs Kazabon and Hootie Who playing the best in hip hop, dancehall and tropical this Saturday at Meter.

DJ Kent ft Malehloka – Fallin (Murlo Remix)

The latest offering from Murlo is this remix of South African house tune fallin, which features his unique signature sound. Murlo has come a long way from his 2010 mix for Palm Out Sounds and is definitely a producer to watch out for.

HDD Hangover #2 Illanja

One of the joys of having a residents special is that we get to enjoy Illanja’s reggae set. Illanja’s record collection is not one to be sniffed at, and it is always a pleasure to hear what delights he has in store for us.

Tek Bax (The Large Refix)

The Large is one talented individual managing multiple projects from her excellent Shimmy Shimmy website, to her No Ice Cream Sound zine, designing a t-shirt line, hosting a radio show as part of Style & Swagger as well as djing and making refixes like Tek Bax (above).

Why Delila HDD Mix

Why Delila who also hosts the Style & Swagger show on NTS (alongside The Large & Kazabon) runs nights under the Physically Fit name and djs at various events around London in addition to being one of our residents.

Kazabon & Hootie Who – Gothic Aaliyah

Kazabon and Hootie Who are founders of the HDD club night and also dj and make refixes under the Hipsters Don’t Dance name, in addition to writing the blog and designing HDD tees.

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