HDD Top 4 X Serocee

As we get ready to celebrate four years of Hipsters Don’t Dance on December 7th with Serocee and Poirier, we have selected four of our favourite tunes from Serocee (You can check out Poirier’s over here). If you are not familiar with Serocee’s incredible work these selections will give you a taste of what’s in store at our birthday bash on December 7th.

First of all lets kick off with one of our most cherished moments. Serocee performing his single Oh Na Na at HDD back in May 2011. Bonus points for picking the Joe Grime Rice and Peas remix.

Serocee Oh Na Na Live at Hipsters Dont Dance 7/5/11 from Hipsters Dont Dance on Vimeo.

Second in the top 4 is Basement Jaxx Wheel N Stop. Basement Jaxx have a great knack of picking some great vocalists (Roxanne Shante collab is a banger) but this one with Serocee is bubbly beyond belief. Jump and Shout might get a lot of love since it was on the first LP but this is better (for 1 it isn’t that hard to sing along to) but those breakdowns are lovely.

Third in the list is Serocee and Famous Eno‘s remix of The Thing. As well as being an amazing MC, he is a Thinker, a DJ, an A and R man and someone that is willing to connect the dots before anyone else. Case in point his interest in afro-pop predates everyone else in the mainstream (not that he is necessarily). In many ways this remix is a fruit of his passion for the genre. It’s the best remix out of the lot, something which you could only do if you actually listened and understood the tune rather than take something else you had lying around and put a tiny bit of a vocal sample in it. I used the radio rip because it’s a great example of his humour and wit.

The final song in the top 4 is Serocee and Famous Eno again this time with Topatop. Seriously this goes and you have to support it when it comes out next week.

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